Today is Saturday . I got up at 6.15 O’clock . I got up early in weekend because we had to go to learn hunter safety class at Two river with dad . Today we will have shooting class . We were in the class for about two hours . Then we went outside to shoot a shotgun . There are a trap fly away from the pit and we have to shoot it . We shoot for about five times . Then T. George came for pick us to make merit at Thai temple because dad had to stay there . Today we went to make merit about Thai water ceremony event . Before we went to the temple , T. George went to pick a Pang first to take her to temple too . At temple had a lot of Thai and Laos people . They was very surprise that T. George can speak Thai . We took two hours at the temple . We also had a lunch at the temple . There are many Thai food there . Then we went home with mom and Kay . When we arrived at home , we stayed in a living room . Then dad came home . Then I watched Fast & Furious 6 on the TV . After that I watched one more movie . It is School of Rock . It is pretty fun . I like music in the movie . Then we had a dinner . It’s pizza . After that Junior and I went out to a park . It is not far away from home . We brought Air Rocket Luncher and football to play there . We stayed in the park for about one hour . It’s very windy there . I also play a swing there . Then we came home . Before we arrived at home , I met my friend at school . His home is around my home . Then when I arrived at home , I call though line to my cousin in Seattle . We talked about a couple minutes . Then I came in the living room . I upload blog while I watching hokey match .