Today we woke up at 6.00 in the morning.Today jadian go with bam and jadian mom sent me to school. We walk to school this morning.Today i also be with alyssa because today carly have lab test and their have no space for me.Today also same class as yesterday we start with math then phy sci they are do some sci test.Then we have orchestra class both of them play first violin.Then we have hawktime alyssa play violin this time and i also play piano song today.I play the song that call waltz in evening glow.Then we have computer class she has test today.After that we have english class before eating lunch.At lunch we sit with alyssa, carly, me, and her friends name cassidy and other one i can’t remember. I have nacho today.It was about 2 dollar.Then we have spain class and US history.After that bam and jadian come to pick me.When we back home we also walk to home.Then we wil have dinner and play skate.