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Today, I woke up at about 5.50 A.M. . I  brushed my teeth and  took a shower. Then, I changed my clothes. After that, I waited for everyone else. First, Dave came in and greeted me. Next, Tricia and Porsche came in at about 20-30 minutes later. My breakfast today was mini-burgers . They were quite delicious. Then, Porsche, Tricia , the kids and I went to pick up Megan as usual. After that, we reached the school.   Megan, Porsche and I went to the basement. It was quite cold and windy in the morning. The wind made Megan’s hair look like a mess. It just covered her eyes. I was surprised a little bit by that. After  that, we met Jensen in the basement. We waited there until 7.35 A.M. . Then, we walked upstairs. After everyone got their stuff, Mr. Romatowski whose room was beside our lockers  pointed out that it was snowing in the outside. I had a bad feeling for this,because this would mean that it would very cold and windy for us if we were waiting outside. Next, Megan and I went to the Spanish class. Ms. Doll showed us a video about the Earth Day in Spanish. I believed that I could translate some word and got the main idea right. Then, she led us finish some vocabulary words about the environment. It was quite ok as I could translate some words while Ms. Doll and others could translate the rest.  Next, she handed us a poll paper about how eco-friendly each person each in their family  or in general. It was in Spanish, so I was confused by that. So, I had sit in with Megan and  her friends and led them translate them for me . I was ok with it, but I was partially confused by some questions. I didn’t complete all of it in this period. Some classmates just called me a “Ladies’ man” for this reason. I wasn’t quite why. Then, we went to the Math class. Ms. Leick led us do more equations  about the parabolas and zeroes. I had some problems with the parabola equations. I thought that I should get my worksheet from my 8th Grade in order to get the right formulas, or I could use the internet later on. After that, we went to the Art class. It was another study hall hour again,so  we decided to finish more equations. I could finish some, while struggling to finish the rest. Megan told me that I didn’t need to finish them all, but in my opinnion , I would prefer to finish  all of them if I could.  Then, we went to the Gym class. While we were on our way, we joined up with Porsche and Jensen. When, we reached the Gym. The teacher told us to run with the others. We ran with Aaron and the others. We had some fun in talking to each other about humorous things. Next, we did some volleyball practices. It was somewhat ok. Then, Megan and I went to the English class. In that class, Mr. Larsen led us do a small piece of paper about a character in the book that we had read. It was quite interesting. Next, Mr. Larsen showed us a  video about a woman and her speech. He led us analyze her message and her personality. I could understand her message and her personality.  Next, I kept reading my plot. I could say that the Allied team managed to captured the German and the Chetnik commanders twice. First, they used them to free Allied prisoners. Then, They used them for freeing an  Yugoslavian double agent who was  working for the Germans, but she actually worked for the Allies. The 2 commanders managed to escape from the Allied teams from the 2 occasions. The  Allied commandoes were trying to lure the 2 German Panzer Divisions into an area which the Germans expected the Partisans, instead they would be bombed to the ground by about 2 squadrons of British strategic bombers. The bombers were Avro Lancaster. They were the workhorse of the RAF’s Bomber Command in its bombing campaign of Germany. The Allied commandoes also planned to blow up the dam in that area to flood the German Tank Divisions. They were at the outside of the dam , while the German and Chetnik commanders and their troops were in pursuit of the commandoes. That was the furthest I read for today.

Then, Megan and I had our lunch with others. My lunch today was 2 Ham and Cheese Wraps. They were quite delicious, but I couldn’t finish the last one. Next, everyone started talking. It was ok for me. After that, we went upstairs to study English again. I kept reading my book again. It getting closer to the end. This would get somewhat interesting now. Then, we went to the history class. Mr. Romatowski taught us more about the end of WWI , the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations. He led us made more notes too. After that, he led us finish some more exercises by telling  the importance and the meanings of some words. I helped Megan a little bit about  that too. I also talked to Mr. Romatowski about the Isolationists after WWI.  After that, Megan and I went to the Science class. I finished up my notesw about history. Megan just finished  using the laptop for Science. So, she gave her laptop to me in order to look at  the History Textbook electronically. It was quite nice of her for that. I read to various parts about WWII. I had to admit that it wasn’t that detailed about WWII except for internal U.S. policies during the war, but it was still nice. Later on, I returned the laptop to her after the period was finished.  She said that I must have been  mad at history, but I  said “I loved it.” . She said that it was good for me then. Then, both of  us walked upstairs and got our stuff. Next, Megan joined up with Jensen while I joined up with Porsche. Then, all of us walked seperately in 2 groups respectively. Porsche and I was picked up bu Tricia. Then, we reached the house. We decided to relax. Next, we had our dinner. It was a Qdoba burrito and some nachoes. They were very delicious. Dave brought those  for Porsche and I. After that, I  tried to finish the math equations about the parabolas and fractional exponents. I tried to find the formulas in the Internet, but I couldn’t get it. So, I thought that I might have to finish them in school or else, in Thailand. Later on, I uploaded my blog and went to bed.

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