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George woke up early today so he took this picture before the sun rise.
He has been sleeping too early and woke up early for a couple days.
He still has the jet lag.

He called me around 7 am to wake me up. I went down and ate breakfast with him.
It’s the same kind of egg. I think it’s cheese omelet.

I didn’t forget to make a waffle. The color today was different.
I wasn’t greedy like yesterday.


We worked at the breakfast room until 10 am. George sent out the email about our schedule this month and all the activities option that we have and also some of host family suggest.
We’re not having roller skate this week but next week we do. After we sent out the email, we got emails back from host family, not only the answer of out question but also an update on the kids. That made us know a lot of news.

We make time to visit all the kids at home and schools but seem like this week and next week we can only visit a few family and school because most of host family went on spring break out of town. Also the Good Friday is coming up, Easter is this Sunday. It seem like everything just come in the same time. Anyway we will try to visit whoever still in town first.

We planed to visit Win and Pokpong at home and school today.
But by the time we leaved the hotel, it was already 1 pm. and we had to do the laundry today plus we got an email for Nemo’s host mom. We felt like we should stop by at her house too. So we decided to just visit the houses today.

We went to the laundry shop. It looked old from outside but they have quite a lot of machine.
It’s different from Thailand. Here, they use the big strong machine. It get done faster.



While we’re waiting for the dryer, we went to eat the local restaurant near by.
We’ve been here before and we like it. It’s Warren’s.


I was going to get something else but I miss this Hobo eggs. So I ordered the same thing again.
It’s omelet with ham, sweet pepper, cheese and hash brown. I like their hash brown. It’s crispy.
The food came out slow thou. I had to eat quickly and go.


By the time we got back the the laundry shop, our laundry was done.
We went to Nemo’s host family house right away.


Nemo’s host family has a dog, name is Lily.

We had a talked with Nemo for a little but. She got some home sickness.
We will visiting her again another time. Today we just came for a little talk and we left. Her host mom had to pick up her kids.

We went to Win’s house after that. We were early so we had to wait for 10 minutes.

This is their house.



Win showed us his bedroom. He seem to do very well. No sign of home sickness. He ate a lot of pudding and chips. He likes the food that his host mom cook and he get a long with his host sibling.
Win’s host family have many activities for him to do in the next couple day, such as snowmobile, shooting and etc.






We talked to Win and his host family for a while before we left to Pokpong’s home for Dinner.

Pokpong’s house is near Manitowoc Lutheran High School. He walks to school.
We’re there at their Dinner time. His host mom likes to cook healthy food.
Today was their light meal day. She said if I come tomorrow, I will get a bigger meal.
So saddddddd.
Homemade Tomato soup from tomato in her garden.

Potato soup

Dinner today was grill cheese sandwich. The Nelson’s daughter has a son and he hang out at the Nelson’s house everyday. Pokpong play with him.

The Nelson like plant. They have a lot of plant inside the house because it’s still too cold outside.
They will take it out when it’s warmer. They like to grow their own vegetable too.

Pokpong showed us around the house and told us about his host family.
His host family, the Nelson, is very active and excited to have him in the house.
They planed a lot of activities for him to choose and try.



His bedroom.





We talked to the Nelson for 2-3 hours. That’s a long time. Then we came back to the hotel and work on stuffs.
We have so many things to do and to manage in our short schedule.

We’re going to visit Pokpong and Win school tomorrow, I think. And we’re going to have a look at the Buddhist Temple in Manitowoc to see if it’s interesting. We’re going to the Rollair next Tuesday for sure and we already talked to the game shop about bringing the kids over on the 19th.

Tonight I kept George wake up until now. I’m going to bed soon.
Tomorrow, I think it’s the meeting day that George and I will be at Manitowoc Coffee shop in the afternoon to 7 pm. The kids can come see us if they want but it’s not required.

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