Today was the day that we will go to Universal Orlando,I woke early at 6.20 am. We ate sausage,bread and cereal for our breakfast and left around 7.00.We didn’t know the way to Universal.So,P’Pat search for it.It was a little confused for the way.We went to the wrong way 555+ but we still arrived at Universal at a good time.In the car ,Sam was crying all the way so,we opened the music for him to make him happy.When we arrived at the Universal,we parked and went inside the Universal very fast.When everything finished.It was 8.20 and it didn’t open so,we went to the Universal shop to see for our souvenir.When it opened ,we went to the Harry Potter zone. First,we took the picture and P’Mook exchanged the money in Harry Potter.After that ,I and P’Pat went inside the Escape from Gringotts to played Harry Potter escape from Gringotts.When I came inside ,it had the puppet that very look like the real human .They could move and acted very real.We walked and went in to the elevator that take us to the Gringotts and and waited for the line.The coaster was very fun and 4D was very real and I played 2 round.Second round ,I played with P’Mook in single riders.It was faster than the first time and this time I sat in first line.It was funnier and more excited than round 1.After that ,P’Mook went to buy butterbeer.The taste was very look like rootbeer with vanilla ice cream.We went to many shops and saw for the souvenir.At lunch ,I went to eat fish and chips for my lunch.I was very full.Next, we went to play MIB (From Men in black ,it’s kind of the Action movies about alien).It was very fun.We needed to shot to the alien for our score.I played it for 2 rounds.When I came to the locker ,I forgot that my ticket was in there and I couldn’t open 555 so, the staff helped me to open.After that ,I went to the Simpsons ride 555+.We took the picture of the view below it and next ,I went to play Transformers with single riders.It was very fun and it’s almost same like Singapore universal.Last ,I went to buy souvenirs.I lost my money a lot in the shop 555+ When we finished,Mr.George came to pick us and I slept in the car on the way 555+.And today was Mr.George’s mom birthday so,we went to join the party too.We went to Mr.George’s sister house.When we arrived,they were very kind.We had a delicious snack and stayed in the pool room for a while.At dinner ,I had the beef.It was delicious after that I played with Nisa.When the party ended ,we went back to house and quickly slept because tomorrow we needed to wake up very earlyyy.Gn 😊