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Last night we went to bed at 9 o’clock but we didn’t sleep,we just go upstairs and continued talking.So we practiced our Rubik’s cube until 9:30 then we went to bed but I forgot to take my allergy medicine and I was lazy to go downstairs to got some water,I told Clara.Then Clara called Michelle,my host mom loudly and said “Mom can you get water for Pang please” and I was “You don’t have to call your mom I’m OK” so she needed to go downstairs to got water for me.When I done about my medicine we turned off the light and went to bed at 9:45.

Today I had to get up early for school again.So I woke up at 6:30 and did my stuff done ready for school around 6:55.Today Greta came to our house to take the bus to the school with us so around 7 o’clock the bus came and we were at school around 7:45.And same like everyday the first class was Math then English and Science.Today in the Math class we had a test again and the teacher gave me a test too.I just did it one question then I took it away but before we did a test our group got 10 points so Calvin stood up and went to write it on the board.He chose a red marker that had put in the highest place so he had to jump to get that marker and then when he finished write our points he couldn’t put it in the same place so he put it a little bit lower.Next in the English class everyone had to do their project and I had nothing to do so the teacher tried to find some English game for me because she didn’t want me to be bored but when I brought my computer to the teacher the program doesn’t work so I went back to my seat and continued writing my blog for today.Everyday at weekend I will update my blog every 5 or 10 minutes if it has something happen.But today was strange I update my blog in the classes because normally I will copy my blog that I has posted in Pudgimelon website so I just write it in my notebook everyday at school.I do like this everyday because in the class I have nothing to do so I just created my work for myself.So the next class was science class we studied for 30 minutes then we went to had lunch.In the Science class we had some popcorn before lunch so every group would get 1 bag of popcorn and in my group Chloe didn’t want to eat it so we had more for Parker because he had it a lot,I think mostly whole bag! At lunch time everyday we had hot lunch at school and today we had chicken burger with scalloped potatoe.While I was eating,I made a mess I dropped my jacket into that potato so I needed to washed my jacket tonight.And today after lunch we went outside to play again so we stayed outside about 30 minutes then we went inside and continued our Science class.In the Science class we continued making our car and continued fighting between Clara and Parker.While we were making our car,we had a problem and the problem was we tried to take a tape out from a balloon and the balloon was pop so we have to do the new one! After Science class we had Line Time then Band Gym and Tech Ed.In Line Time today we didn’t read the book but we went outside to play.Then we went to Band and in the Gym class we went outside again and played “Speed Ball” but everyone played it like soccer.Next in the Tech Ed class I continued doing my wood star and today I finished made a hole and sand it already but we had to wax it then it will be done so today I waxed it one side because it take 3 hour to dry.So tomorrow my star will be finish.Then school over at 3:05 and we took the bus home so we were at home around 3:40 and we watched the show “Kim Of Queens” until 4:30 then I watched the other show “River Monsters” until 4:45 then I watched the cartoon “Teen Titans” until 5 o’clock then I went outside to play basketball.I played it about 30 minutes then I went inside to had dinner at 5:30 and when we finished our dinner we watched a show until 7 o’clock then I went outside to play basketball again and around 7:30 I went inside.Then we watched the show “River Monsters” until 8 o’clock then around 8:05 we watched the show “Survivors”.Then I asked Michelle about my program and she said we can’t go in this weekend because we have some family party.My program is on Saturday we will go to the Buddhism temple and Michelle said maybe she will drop me to P’Pat so I can go on Saturday,I was happy but she said “Maybe” so I can just happy but not very happy(But Michelle if you read my blog please don’t be serious about me,I’m Ok)

Today is Wednesday and every Wednesday everyone has to wear the UBI shirt.My shirt is green in the front write UBI and in the back write U are the best B happy I love you.Michelle bought me a shirt from the store couple weeks ago but it’s OK if you don’t have a shirt.

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