Hello, today I woke up early (6 O’clock) get dress and eat breakfast. Then about 7:40, we went to school and 8  O’clock we arrived school. First we learn Faith, Math and English. Then we went to eat lunch (I set by Emma and my friends 6 greade) they all set near each other so I set near both of them. We ate bread with jam and chocolate milk. Um…. then we went outside and play manawoodship (very fun!!!!!!!!!!) They is 6 greade and 5 greade students played manawoodship. Then we went inside and learn Art and gim, while the boy learn Keybord (keybord for typing) 3:40, we arrived home and went to played ball take. 20 minutes latter, the Stair family came to visit us. We played ball take with Stair kids. 20 minutes latter (4 O’clock, I give a gift to her and played outside again. Then they go back to their house and mom Stair said that my face change 9because I don’t relly want to go home. Then we ate dinner, tomato and hamburger, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!     Then we went to walmart, get something (I got a i-pod case and other girl thing) Then after walmart we went home I take a shower and write blog. Then I went to watch T.V., read a book and go to bed. Bye bye, I only have 2 day with my friends 🙁 (I don’t know what is better between stary in America or go back to Thailand,but I have to go back anyway)