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Hello! Today, I wore my new shirt that I bought from Miller Park Stadium. We arrived at school early again about 7:30 am. We were the second and thirdmiddle school student that came to school. First, we had homeroom about 25 minutes. Kids can do their homework in this class. I have to finish my Social Studies poster by Monday. The first class was gym, today we didn’t have Spanish but we had long period of gym class. In gym class, we play kickball and guess what! Pear got out every times! I already tried my best, but I always out. The next class was Algebra. We studied about graphing (again and again and again) so boring. Then we went to the Social Studied class. The group that present today was Heather & Seth. They presented about chapter 10. They presentation was pretty good, but the Bingo game was a little bit confused. We had to do Kahoots, I got 8 out of 11 questions, i got three wrong. I was the 12th place among 16 students. Hahaha so bad, but I think it was OK for me because the questions is in the different language, it hard for me to understand every single word. Our group, Sydnee, Kassie, and me will present on Tuesday. Next class was…..LUNCH class, hahaha, it’s lunch time. I had a wrap, milk, salad, and grapes. Syd didn’t eat the school meal today, she brought her own lunch. Emily took my water bottle again (her face makes me laugh), but then I got back. I gave my water bottle to Amber, so Emily can’t took ot again. After lunch, I went to the reading class. Actually we had to read in the computer lab, but today 7th Grade had to take their test in the computer lab, so we went to the Science room, and read there. We didn’t read at all. Only Makaylee that read a book, Kassie sometimes, but Sydnee didn’t read any word in the book today. She asked me if this information is true or false. Most of the questions was about her, her friend, and her family…how could I know that stuff!!
Sydnee:” I started to walk when I was three years old.”
Pear: “False” (because kids usually started to walk about 1 year and a couple months or two years old)
Sydnee: “You’re wrong, it’s true.”
Pear: -.,- “uhmmm….?!”
Then we went to quest. Today’s opener was Randy. He told us to get in to groups. We separated group by the colors that we like. I was in the Pink team, only 2 people in this team, just Grabbie and me. The opener asked some questions, and we had to answered the year, like when did the Titanic sank. This question I tought I know the answer because when I was in grade 5, I went to the Titanic 100 years, like a museum, but just only a part of time. Our team answer 1911, but the correct answer was 1912. We almost got it right! The reason that I answered this question wrong because first time I tought I went to the Titanic 100 years when I was in Grade 4. The winner was Salmon color team, I don’t know why they called it salmon, it is same as pink. The next class was band, we had band class from 1:34-2:21 pm. We had to practice where should the kids go or how should the kids do when tornado come. We had this on 1:45 pm, so we went to the girl’s changing clothes room. Then we went back to band class. The last class was language, the last test Syd got 19 out of 19, full score ^^. Today, we continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 5. Then we came back home and Syd had her DI practice today, so we can’t go to the family game night today. I went to DI with Syd, there were 7 kids in her group, Sydnee, Lydia, Makaylee, Hannah, Grace, Dakota M. and Rece. When she finished her DI, we went back home, and ate dinner. I had potato with ham, broccoli and cheddar cheese. I played piano before I took a shower, and I had to go to bed now. Goodnight!!

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