Today is Monday . I got up at 6.30 A.M. This morning I had two pice of bread with chocolate and milk as a breakfast . Then we went to school . I read my novel while waiting on a preschool floor . Then I went upstairs to my classroom . I did my literature homework before class start . Then the class was start . The first class was Christ Light . Mr. Roeker tough in this class . Then we had math class . We did math assignment in the class . Today I finish the assignment very early . Because this assignment didn’t have the math problem about finding volume . This kind of problem took a lot of time to get an answer . When I finished it , I continue read my novel . Next was a break time . I brought Poky today . I shared it with my friends . Then I went outside to play football with my friends . Today , the weather was good . Then we came back to study in English class . We did an assignment in the class . We also correcting the English homework in the class too . Then we had a couple of minutes left before lunch . Mr. Roeker let us did homework . Then it was a lunch time . This afternoon I had peanut butter sandwich , chocolate roll , milk , and cantaloupe as the lunch . I really like cantaloupe . Then it was the break time . I didn’t go outside because I felt lazy to go outside hahaha . After that we had spelling class . We had spelling pretest and homework in this class . Then we had history class . We correcting the history homework in the first part of the class . Then my friend had presentation about history in the second part of the class . Then we study on new chapter a little bit . After that we had P.E. outside . We still had to run around school as the regular . Then we had relay race . Then we came back to the class and prepare for track practice . Track practice had for us for prepare for the track that will com next month . We had track practice till 4.30 P.M . We had to run around the school , high jump , discus , and exercise in track practice . Then mom took as home . Then dad brought chicken nuggets . We had it as a dinner . Then we stayed in a living room for a while . Then I upload my blog while watching The voice .