Today i woke up at 8 o’clock. After that I took a shower and ate egg and bacon for breakfast. Then we I did my bed sheet laundry. After that I prepared for fishing today. Then I met Dan (Mr. Larry son) he’s very good at fishing. Then we drove to Win house and he gave us wrong address. So I called George and get right address. Then we went to Miller Fleet Farm to get a fishing license. Mine was 25 bucks for whole year. But Win didn’t need one because he’s 15. Then we went back home and ate lunch and headed to Manitowoc river. First place we didn’t catch anything. Then the second place was very cold and didn’t get anything also. Then we went to last place first Dan caught a carp I was very big. Then He caught more. He caught 4 fish total. Then Win caught clam and I caught a small fish. After a long day we were very tired I went back home at 7:30 about the Badger vs. Kentucky start after the match finish I’ll go to bed.