Today we woke up late than every morning . We went to eat breakfast .Today my breakfast is Hamburg . Then we played American football outside . It very cold outside . Then we went to church for pray . We stay there for Two hours . I really like the miniature on the wall . Then we came back to school for arrange the table for host family . Then we have time left , so we played American football together . When host family came , we stop playing and sit with host family . We took a lunch for 30 minutes . After that we went to host family house . We call them mom and dad . They are very kind and great . They have three pet . There are Labrador and two guinea piggy . They so cute . Dad went to outside to meet his friends . Then we go to bedroom to manage our stuff . After that we went to family room and watch basketball with mom . So, today I think it is just this cause I’m very sleepy hahaha .