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In this day, I woke up at 6 A.M. . I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. Porsche woke up after me a little bit. We had our breakfast at about 6.40 A.M. . It was cereal ande donuts again. It was still quite delicious.  Then, I went to the toilet. Next, Tricia, Porsche, the kids and I got on the car. We picked up one of our buddies before we went to the Washington Junior High School. Her name was Megan.  Tricia had known her before and was a friend to her family. Later on, we reached the school at about 7.40 A.M. We went to  the main office of the school in order to meet our coordinator and the principal. We had quite a good conversation. Porsche was still somewhat shy. I went to the Spanish class with Megan. Porsche went to the history class with another buddy seperately. In the Spanish class, Megan introduced me to the class. I also talked to the other students with some fun along with the teacher. I told them about the information about Thailand and other things. I learnt a little bit about some texting abbrevations in Spanish. I didn’t know much about Spanish, but I knew some words like Bien and Adios for example. Then, we  went to the math class. We began studying about graphing and some graphing equations. I couldn’t finish them, because I already forgot about those equations.  I might look at the internet in order to find the way to solve these equations. Then, we went to the Cooking class. In that class, the teacher told to everyone that anyone who didn’t finished the tests would have to finish them in class. So, I took that to draw some pictures and borrowed a book about D-day  from the library with Megan in order to prepare for the English class which would be about reading. Next, we went to the English Class and read the books we got from the library in part with the reading lessons.

Later on, she began introducing me to the locker which I would use. I had to rotate the safe in order to get a right combination. I found it to be little bit hard, but I managed to get used to it. Then, we went to lunch in the cafeteria. I ate some sandwiches and snacks. The sandwiches were the ham and cheese ones. During the lunch, I saw an armed police officer getting his lunch. I am wondering if that was for security purposes in case something bad happened at school. When I sat with Megan and other friends. I saw one of them swearing around. Megan told me that he usually sweared quite a lot. After that, we went back to the English class again and continued reading.  Then, we went to the history class. This was my favorite class in this school. I studied about U.S. History during the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. It was about immigrants, anti-trust laws, progressive presidents and imperialism. I talked to the teacher about the time which we would be studying about the 1930s-1940s. He said that it wouldn’t be long. Then, we went to the science class,but Megan and her friend let me went with them to a talk show with an author who talked about her best-selling book which was about a Gambian girl who recycled plastic bags in her country. The girl who did that actually became a woman. She was with us in the talk show. She showed some bags that were made of recycled plastic bags and video tapes. She also showed the way to make these things. Then,  the school was finished. Megan had to get on a school bus, so she sent me to the gym which I came in and left. I met Porsche and his buddy while I was waking with Megan to the gym. I joined up with Porsche and went to the exit. Porsche told me that he had fun in staying in class, but he was little bit bored. We waited Tricia for about 10 minutes. Then, she picked us up. Later on, we reached the house and eat fajitas which was sauteed chicken and bell peppers that was filled inside a torrilla roll. It was quite delicious. Then, I finished my homework and my blogs. Finally, I went to bed.

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