This morning is the first morning with host family and today I will go to school . This is my first day at school . I’m very excited . I went to school at 7 O’clock . When I arrived at school , I went to meet director first . Then I went to my classroom . We have 26 student in my classroom include me . Then we start studying . We studied math first . Then we study English . Next is break we went out to play kickball , it’s very fun . After that we studied one more class , and we had lunch next . After that we played kickball again . Then we study spelling and vocabulary . Then we study history , I don’t understand any thing in this subject . It’s very boring . And this subject had a homework . So , I have to do it even though I don’t know anything about it (so sad) . Then we went to P.E. class outside the school . We had to run around the school and teacher counted time . Then we had the 100 meters dash , it’s very tired . Then we came back home . After that we went out to McDonald’s for dinner . Then we came back and take a dog name Sam walk outside .