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This morning we woke up early and we have a breakfast and prepare some soda and some other things to share with others host family and we also bought a picnic chair. Then we went to meet other host family and other Thai students. When we are there we put our things in the bus. When all of us are ready we sat in the bus and we going to the Brewers stadium. When we there all of us put their things out and we made a grill things out. All of us share their things. We ate a grilled sausage some burgers and some hotdog all the kid and the host kids also we play together we play cards and play some football. Then we walk to the stadium then we find our seats and we wait for the game to start. When it’s start we all watch it. At first the Pirates made one point then we made a 2 points ahead of the Pirates then the Pirates made another 3 points with home run. And they made more more score in this game the Brewers lose and the score is 10-2 after the game we have a group picture then we went to the bus but George forgot his bag after he found his bag we went back then we separate to went back to their our house.

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