hello  to day is good is don,t bad and don,t good why let look


today I think I wake  up too much  6:00 and  I go down at 6:30I think 55.next go to eat brakefast and go to  get dress. Then  We go to see p. pat it too so so .next  go we go to  watersaramane I go wit Emma it too bone.


went we fenit I go to play wit emma it very fun went we fenit we go to home it  long time. and went we go to home we go to play at play grme I play wit Emma Lizzy Sam it too  funny too much.then we go to shop I have a stomases  I go home  to eat  medicine then I  sleep then we go to eat dinny.thenwe go to ply and play .then I go to  take a bath. and go to writ the bolk and to day bye.