Hi! Today, I woke up very late, because today is SUNDAY!! A
and I don’t have to go to the church. I woke up about 10:30 am. I walked out to the bathroom and took a shower. When I finished shower, they arrived at home already. I didn’t eat breakfast, because I wasn’t hungry at all. I ate bread and some grapes. Syd and I continued our Social Studies project, and Kassie will come to our house at 4 o’clock. I drew all the stuff that we need in the poster. Syd and Kassie did the presentation. Our poster looks pretty good. I think Mr. Krueger will like it. Sydnee had to set up the Social Studies group, we had a game, so we had to make a group five people. There are three groups. I think Makaylee’s group will won the game, Makaylee is a smart girl, and there are Hadden in the group too, he is also a smart boy. Which group that has Makaylee, that group is very lucky! Today, mom made some Thai food for dinner, she made “Laab” and “Tom Yum”. It was a little bit spicy for me, but that wa very spicy for American people. Syd ate only one spoon and she said it was too spicy for her. Today, Jessie, Lisa, Riley, and Tyler (Dad’s sister and her Family) came to our house and had dinner with us too. Kassie had dinner here too because we just finished our project before dinner. I think the food tasted very good. Dad asked Kassie that which one did you like better, Kassie answered “I like the rice” hahaha Thai food is too spicy for her. While we were eating, Riley’s phone rang. The ringtone sound very wired. Then dad said”Oops! Here come the fire engine”, the reason that he said like that because the food was very hot like a fire. I was laughing very hard when I heard that great joke. After we finished our dinner, we ate the apple pie for dessert. Lisa brought the apple pie, she made it. It tasted very good, I ate it with vanila ice-cream. That was very delicious. After a couple minutes, Kassie’s mom arrived, she came to pick Kassie up when we were done with our work. Then Syd, Riley, And Tyler went downstairs to the basement, and started to throw balls at others. I walked downstairs to see what are they doing, and Tyler threw the ball to me, and I started to throw the balls to Syd and Riley too. We blew all the air-ball that we had. These balls is Bryce’s, he had 85 balls, and 4 of us blew all that. Sydnee and Tyler blew many balls, they both fast. Riley was not so fast and not too slow. I blew very slow and the ball that I blow is not good, It wasn’t hard enough. Then Syd lay down on the ground, and Riley stared to put the balls over her body. Then I started to help Riley while Tyler was doing something. I found out that Tyler is putting Syd’s mobile phone in the plastic bag over and over like put the phone in one plastic bag then put into another bags. Riley tried to put the balls on top of Syd face, so she couldn’t see what was Tyler do to her phone. Hahaha! That was very funny, I saw Syd’s face when she looked at her phone inside the plastic bags (more than 60 bags). Jessie, Lisa, and the boys left about 8:30 pm. Then I took a shower, Syd had to practice piano because tomorrow she has a piano lesson. I will go to bed after I post this blog. Goodnight ><