Today it’s all the same at school, nothing changed from the day before. But today I need to start packing up since it’s almost last day and Gourge is going to visit our house today. I’m very nervous because I don’t think I can clean everything up by the time.

After school I go straights back to the house and started to pack up all of my stuff in to the bag. LucLucky that I started since last night so it finished very fast and I have time to relax and watch TV with my host mum down in the living room. Mum always open a joke TV show and watch it with the dogs even though dog always walk away .

Then now it’s about 6 O’clock already but Gourge was not here yet. So I think that he might not come by today anymore because it’s going to be too late.

But he finally showed up around 7pm and look aaround and play with the dog. Then he started to talk about cookie and blankets form sewing class. Then he got back home and I got a shower and sleep.