Today Proud, P’Mild and I woke up before 5am. We had to woke up so early cause we have to poop. Proud and I ate some yogurt that we bought yesterday. Then we ate some Nacho and brush my teeth. After everyone woke up we ate breakfast and we wash the dishes. Then we went ti ST. Norbert College. It was a very nice day and this college looks very good and people is very kind. After August got the bags into his room we went to ate lunch. I ate Bacon cheeseburger. It’s taste nuce except the beef. Then we have some tour in the college . It’s very windy cause it near the river . I like this college it is nice. When we were tour around we have to be a modeler for T.George. It’s very fun. Then we talked about this college like we can have a lesson in the internet so we can study in this college . Then we are writing a blog now . After that we are going to a mall at 15:00.