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On this day, I woke up at 6.20 A.M. . Porsche  nearly woke up at the same time as me. I started brushing my teeth and changing my clothes. Then, I waited for a moment. Next, Porsche and I had our breakfast. It was some strudels filled with cheese. They were quite nice if they were eaten with frostings. After that, Tricia told me that Dave’s mother was dead. I felt some what bad about that. Then, we reached Megan’s house and picked Megan up.  I expressed regrets to Tricia for the loss. After that, Porsche, Megan and I went into the school. It was raining at that time, so it was quite cold.  Next, we met Jensen and joined her as a group. We  walked a little bit in the basement before the bell rang. After the bell rang, Megan and I went to the Spanish class. Today, Ms. Doll led the student made an advicing things for school and others in Spanish. At first, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to do it, but in the end I decided to do it. My advice was  respecting everyone. I managed to do it with some help from Ms. Doll. After that, Megan and I went to hall and put our posters on the wall. Next, we went into the math class. It was pretty much about the quadratic equations and   parabolas. I  forgot the parabolas, but I still managed to still do some of it. Then, we went to the Cooking Class. We joined up with Porsche and Jensen there.  We had to make the Angel Food Cake. I didn’t do much except for  scooping some flour , pouring the sugar-flour mixture and  cleaning things up. Next, we went to the Art class. Today was more abot finishing the tile or glazing  figures made out from clay for most of the American students. Mr. Pendergast asked Porsche and I if we were finished with our tiles. We said that we have finished them. So, I didn’t do anything for the rest of the period. Then, Megan and I went to the English class. Mr. Larsen moved us and the rest of the students to the Computer Lab, because we need to do a book review. The problem was that Megan,  some of the students and I had problems in logging to Shelfari which was the site we would need to log in. So, I decided to read my book. Fortunately, Mr. Larsen had introduced a new book. It’s called Force 10 from Navarone. It was a book about an Allied secret operation to assist the Yugoslavian  partisans and destroying 2 German Panzer (Armored,Tank) Divisions in Yugoslavia. I took that chance to borrow that book. It was quite an interesting book. I managed to read  the part where the British team began to force the German  and Chetnik (Pro-German Yugoslavians) commanders to do something. I would need to read further in order to understand the whole story.

After that, the bell rang. Megan went downstairs in order to have our lunch with others. My lunch was 2  Ham and  Cheese sandwiches. They were quite delicious, but sometimes, the bread would get stuck on the upper section of my mouth. That was quite annoying for me to swallow it. Today, Jensen and Porsche also joined in with the lunch. They had a special period, so they had lunch at the same time as us. This caused the table to be incredibly  crowded, so everyone moved to another table. It was somewhat ok. Then, Megan and I went upstairs  to study English again. We got our stuff in the Computer Lab room and went back to the English room. We continued our reading again. It was quite nice. After  the period was finished, we went to the History class. Mr. Romatowski led   the students finish their exercise from last week. He found out that there were only 2 students who sent the exericises on the last period. It was Megan and I. I helped her in finishing the question about how WWI would end without U.S. involvement. Then, we started taking notes about the Progressive era in the U.S. Next, we went downstairs to study about Science. Mr. Filer led the class do an experiment about  penny coins and how do they react to Sodium Hydroxide which was a base substance. It was dangerous to  the eyes, so we wore safety goggles. We also used tinfoil as a substute. Megan, her friend and I began doing the experiment. I observed that there were bubbles in both the beaker with the detergent and Sodium Hydroxide  and the test tube with  tinfoil pieces. Both containers were connected by a small tube. We also used lit up wood sticks in order to pop some bubbles. This caused a small explosive sound it was controllable. Until, we did it again with larger amount of bubbles. It caused a loud noise and a burst of  fire with a size of the beaker. The burst diappeared quickly. I also observed that the tinfoil changed its color into black. After that, the class was finished for us. Megan had to help her friend,because she had a major leg injury. She couldn’t walk fast or  on stairs. One bad thing was that the elevator malfunctioned. So, we deicided to help her by walking on a slope and around the  school in order to send her into a room on the ground floor. We walked outside  most of the time. It was cold ,windy , raining and no one brought any jackets. So, it was quite bad for the three of us, but we still had some fun in talking. After  dropping Megan’s friend, Megan and I  went upstairs and got our stuff from the locker. Next, we met Porsche and Jensen . Jensen seperated from us later on. While Porsche, Megan and I went downstairs before going outside. We said goodbye to her before going outside to wait for Tricia. Then, Tricia picked us up to the house. We found out  that Dave’s mom was actually coming to our house. We were surprised by that. We thought that she was dead, actually it was Dave’s grandmother who was dead. So, Porsche and I did something else. Next, Dianne came in. We expressed regrets to the loss of her mother. She was in the house for about 5 minutes to get some papers from Dave. Then, we had our dinner. It was Kuaytiaw which was a Thai-style noodle soup. Tricia made it by herself.  I thought  that it was quite nice, even though I mistakenly poured too much rice vinegar. Then, I relaxed and updated my blog. Finally, I went to bed.

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