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Yesterday, the internet was relly bad and I can’t write blog. I woke up at 7 O’clock, get dress and ate breakfast,  Emma and I ate french toast sticks and milk. After the breakfast, we went to chruch (from 10:30- 11:45) After the chruch, we went back to our house and ate lunch, salad. Then I read a book and watch T.V. with Emma about 1 hour. After that, my friends from Bethany, Cyan and Madison asked Emma and I that we want to take bicks to the park near our house. Emma and I went to the park with them and played manawoodship (the person who it have to close their eyes and try to catch someone or said “Manawoodship!!!!!!!” If someone on the woodship, that person have to close their eyes and catch someone) We played this game for a while and went into the wood (forest) We tried to arrcous the river and take a stick and put it to make a brige. Alie, Cyan’s sister fell in the water while we tried to arrcous. Her legging were darty and wet. Then we went back to Emma’s house and said “Goodbye” to Cyan and Madison and went into the house. I read a book and take shower. About 15 minutes latter, mom Dori said “the dinner is ready”. We have hotdog, corn, tomato and milk. After dinner, I watch T.V. and go to bed.

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