Today is Tuesday . I got up at 6.30 A.M. And Junior still woke up very late . Today we didn’t have breakfast at home . We went to a shop in the morning . We bought some croissant and muffin sandwich . We also bought donuts and hot chocolate too . Then we went to school . When we arrived at school I didn’t play basketball because in a gym there are many tools that about our musical . So , we can’t play sport in the gym . Then I went to my classroom . I listen to music before the class start . The first class is about religion class . Next is math . I did an exercise all the class . Next is break time . I still work on my homework . I didn’t go outside . Next is English class . Mr. Roaker read the book for us to listen . Then we did an English exercise . Then is a lunch time . Today I didn’t bring the lunch from home . Because today the school has Subway for us . I have a turkey sandwich , milk , and chocolate chip cookie . Next is the break time . I still don’t go outside . I went to test about hym with Mr. Roaker . Then we had music and art class . We practice singing for our musical . Then we did an art work . After that is science class . We studied about machine . And we had homework in this class . I done it already 80% . Then we had vocabulary class . I did homework in this class because I don’t have book to do vocabulary . I’m very happy hahaha . Next is practice time . It’s very fun . Then dad came to picked us to home . We had corn dog as dinner . Then we went to dad’s meeting and did our hunting safety class’s homework . Then dad dropped us at roller skate . We go skating tonight . I tried to learn new skill about skating tonight . I got some pain on my feet . It’s very painful . Then I went home with mom . Then I uploaded blog in living room .