Today Spencer woke me up early. He wants me to wake up so I wake up then I go and play NBA 2K with him. Today we decided to go to the zoo but the weather is cold so we change the plan. We decide to go to the Walmart and we bought some groceries and we go to the Petco to buy Oscar gold fish. (Oscar is a fish) he is a large fish he eats little tiny fish. Then we went to go skating in 6 when we were there we met Time so we skate together, with Connor . While we were skating they have a game for us to play like Shooting Ducks and more. Spencer didn’t know how to skate and he met two girls they are Spencer friends both of them help him to skate. Both of them hold Spencer arms. In the end the DJ told us to find a couple to go with. In the first time I skate with Time but later on one girl come and ask Time to go skate with. So Time went skate with her. Few minutes later I saw both of them are holding hands. Time was so HAPPY!!! After that she ask him will so come again. But he didn’t answer it then we go back home.