Yesterday it nothing happen at school. It might because I just kind of HEART BREAK. Sorry that I didn’t wrote about April 14 much. Sometime it just a day that same like everyday nothing special and I don’t get bored or something it just simple day. Go to school talk with friends and have fun in class. Then I went home have supper and slept.

Today we have an early release day. I came back at school at 12:30. I really happy today cause tonight I will see my prom dress. I took Lily a walk to citicens park it a front of roaller skating. It wasn’t a long way cause today is nice and warm. It is 10C if I’m at Thai it will be veey cold but this weather is great. Lily always run and she poop and pee lot so Olivia have to pick Lily poop. She said her poop was hot , soft and mushy it also smelly. We have a lot of fun there. After we came home at 15:24 Olivia and I have to clean our room cause it super messy ( and it still messy now ). After dinner we ate Mac and Cheese with bacon and it very good. Then we went to Lisa house to see prom dress I really excited. It is a very pretty dress it fit me like perfect. It really look good on black hair and it pretty and mum was gonna cry . I was so happy.
I really like it I think if mystery boy saw me he will fall for me (just kidding) I’m so happy. Then I made chocolate freppe for mum cause she has a lot of work to do so Olivia Lizzy and I thought that cocoa with pocky will make her feel better and it does!! I’m so happy