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Today I got up at 7.30 A.M. Today I will go shopping at my friend , Pokpong in Appleton . He told me that he and P’Jean’s host will came to my home and picked us at 9 O’clock . Mom will go shopping with us too . We used one hour to go to Appleton . We went to world market first . We bought some food and snacks from there . Then we went to kheel . I bought only a coat . It is very beautiful . Junior and Pokpong bought many things at there . After that we went to have lunch at Thai restaurant name Taste of Thai . We ordered many food . I ordered Phad see eaw . Other people ordered food like Tom Yum Kung , Larb , Phad kee mao , and fired rice . Then we went to pen store . Pokpong want to go there . He bought many pen at pen store . Next we went to chocolate shop . It has many kind of chocolate there . Then we went to Toys R us for buy some toy for my friend . Then we came back home . After that Junior , Dad , and I went to Hunting safety class . I got many information about how to use gun safety . After that we came back at 9.40 P.M. Then we watch the final four match between Wisconsin and Duke .

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