Yesterday I went to shopping with Emma, Mum,and Olivia. We went to
Oshkosh. In Oshkosh we went to Outlet wish it is outdoor outlet. It was 70 something in Oshkosh and it super hot. I was happy tgat I wore short. There’s a lot of store in the outlet and it was hot and I felt dizzy. I think if I’m in Thailand now I’m gonna die. I bought swimsuit wich is cute. I mix and match this swimsuit like bottom is a skirt and top is like bikini. It’s not like bikini bikini it cute though. Then we bought a lot of stuff. Then we went home and ate dinner in a car. It’s a very good experience. Then we forgot a lot of thing I have to buy. I need jeans that short near my knees and I want shirts cause I don’t have enough of it. When we back home we get ready to go to Y (to swim). It’s very fun at Y . We’re played volleyball. We’re in a Y like 1hr and 30 minutes. We were hungry at that moment cause our food had already burn by swim. So we back hone and ate pizza and watch movie. Yesterday is a very nice and warm but too much cause I don’t have lot of short.