Today is Friday, I woke up at 6 A.M. because Jadian had a zero class today. When I woke up I do everything so quickly and I go down the house to ate my breakfast cereal. I ate for 10 minutes and I go up to get my bag and come down the house again to waiting Jadian and when I came down Mind just woke up because her school started at about 8 A.M. but me also if Jadian don’t have her zero lesson I can woke up in the same time with Mind but I’m okay to woke up at that time. When I arrive to school Jadian sat in her seat and do her worked quietly and I sat there and read a book that I bring from Thailand but it is a English book. When I just read a little bit the bell started to ring so we ran to the next class A.P. Government. Teacher let all of students do the presentation or the work that she gave to them and I sat and ate my snack for 10 minutes then I started to drew a picture of a monkey. In her class she have a camera at the nest of the bird and she just open in her computer and the birds was there now. The second class is computer and first the teacher check the students first that who came and who not, she talked about housing assignment that she gave to student to do and today she will check it with students in the class, she gave a homework to student for 5 questions to sent it in the class today. Jadian doing her presentation in the class when she finished her worked earlier and in the class so quiet today. The next class she opened the video to watched and it is about war of Vietnam. The next class is U.S. History with Mr. Sierackie, in the class today we learnt about Vietnam war. In Math class the teacher gave an exercise to finished in the class. At lunch time I ate zucchini bread, chocolate milk and hot cheetos and it very yummy. The history class started when I finished ate my lunch and we learnt a Vietnam war that he taught us before Math class. In last class the teacher not teach us anything. I met Muk when our school finished we went to Greenbay to shopping together and I got 3 pajamas, tattoo and converse shoes. It is the wonderful day today, I really love shopping.