Today we have school and special class today is music class so we do some rhythm and sing a songs. In the morning I have macaroni and cheese for breakfast. Then we went to school and Jacob have band today in the morning so I stay in homeroom and reading. Here I am very food sick. We learn same as others day. So we have recess after lunch and started to change and played American football. Then after school today we don’t have daycares because Jacob have tennis training. Grandpa Don pick us up and go to bought some candy bars and some drinks then went to YMCA and I walk around again. The Kerry came at 4.45 and I played Ping-Pong with her. The when we get back home Kerry went out with Jacob to take a dog for a walk but I have to get in the bathroom then when finish we went to Todd house at Sheboygan. On the way we pass Kiel and Cleveland. We ate supper their. It was a spaghetti with a chicken sauce. It was very delicious. Then I played some games in xbox one. I played new episode of call of duty special warfare. Then we went to best buy for bought a 3ds for Jacob that be a good boy for a week. He was happy. Then I get back home and Jacob have to take a shower but I and Kerry went to Walmart to bought some stuff then until we get back I take a shower then write my blog and almost go to bed. It was a nice and fun day but today in a George it have a plan to go to game nights but I don’t cares and have fun at Todd house. @chaanvc twitter 🙂