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This morning Josie have patrol and we have to wake up early. We leave home at 7.45 and do the patrol but everybody don’t pass the street that Josie and I do!!!!! Last year we do patrol in the corner and a lot of people cross this street and this year we sit on the floor because it’s don’t have anybody pass here. Then in the social studies we answer the question about Greece. Then is language and science. Next is Math and tomorrow they have test and I don’t have to do that:) At lunch it’s have a good sunshine but the wind is cold today the weather is ok. Then in afternoon we go outside to learn P.E. we learned baseball and I think I do it bad than yesterday:( Then we present about Thailand I teach them how to say hello in Thai and answer a lot of question from them. But it’s fun to share a thing is I come from and they share about Wisconsin too!!! After school Hellen and Olivia are coming and hang out again!! But I like them:) We ate hotdog for supper it’s good!!!! Then Josie show penny board. She get it at Saturday. Penny board is same at skateboard but it’s smaller than skateboard. But I think it’s too small for me and I can’t play it I fall down every time. At 8.30 Hellen and Olivia are back we do a homework and play for little bit.

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