Today was the second day!!!!.When I woke up ,I feel good.I went upstairs to eat my breakfast.I ate blueberry waffle with milk.It was delicious.Around 10.45, I went for a walk with Olivia.Today was a sunny day.I thought it doesn’t cold.It might be 10-15°c .Icame back to play softball and basketball.At lunch I ate sandwich and yogurt.Then,I went outside to play basketball again.When we tired ,we went inside to watch Scooby-doo.And went out to play again.We played basketball for 4 round.When we went inside ,I talked with Pladaow for a while and Olivia was playing games.When mom came back, she feels sick so,she took a rest for all night.Dad took us to eat dinner at Subway.The ham and bacon sandwich was very yummy.When we came back home,dad pumped the bicycles tyres for us for bike tomorrow and we went inside to watch The flash before I went to bed.:)