In the second day the boys woke up early than the girls. We woke up and keep our bag and our things then we take a shower. Next we go to play basketball because we woke up very early so we have many extra time.   Then we go to the park George and Pat also go with us. When the cars come we go to the cheese factory. In the cheese factory they have many kinds of cheese. Then we go inside of the factory we knows the step how to make cheese. After we finish this factory tour we go to the lake. In the lake the ice is almost melt but it has some lift. We grow ice to each other we stay near the lake not very long because to wind is cold and it blow all the time. Then we have a meal in other cheese factory. We eat a hamburger then we have a tour in that factory. After that we play with there goats. When we finish we come to some cafe in Manitowoc to write the page.