Today I woke up at 6:35 a.m. Get dress and ate breakfast.  I ate bagels for breakfast. After breakfast my host dad, Kevin took Emma and I to Bethany Lutheran School. First the 6 grade learn Firth and then we learn Math and Science. After Science class, we went to eat lunch. I set with Emma and her friends in 5 grade. Then we went to the gim and some of our friends were playing basketball. we watch them playing basketball, they play very good. Then we went to learn Social Studues and keybord, I didn’t play keybord. My tearcher juse let the 6 grade students and I to write a note and then we pactice tipe. After that, we wait for the bell to rang and then we can go home. Then dad Kevin took Emma and I home. At home, I ate mini hamburger and write blog. Next, I wll wach T.V. , take a shower and go to bed. Bye..