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Today we woke up at 5 am. This morning was quiet. Nobody woke up earlier than 5 am. Last night we’re so sleepy. The kids passed out in the car almost immediately. The way back from Manitowoc to New Holstein seem further than before. I really need to sleep.

The first group (all the girls) got back to the school with me around 7:30 pm. We took a shower and go to be around 8 pm.
I heard that the boy and George arrive around 9:30pm. They also really sleepy too. I think it’s jetlag.

I had a full good sleep today so no problem with waking up at 5 am.
We force all the kids to wear warm clothes, lot of layers. I don’t know why it’s so hard to them to just do it! If it get hotter they can take it off but if they didn’t bring their jacket and it get cold, they can’t fix it without those jacket.

Today we are practicing going to school. The younger students go to Divine Savior School in Kiel. George had drop us off first because we’re closer. But the school start at 7:50 am. So we had to hang out at the mini mart in the gas station, getting some sandwich then we walked to the school.

So George and I were separated today.
I stayed with Pear,Peem,In,Fah,Pooh,Time,Pang,Lily and Nemo.
They’re spit to 3 group to 3 different grade level.
The school assigned one buddy for each kid.
I visited each class and took photos. Some class they get to tell everybody about Thailand. In Math’s class of Pang and Time, other kids had exam so Pang and Time had to go to grade 1-2 classroom to present about Thailand. They’re so shy even with 6-7 years old kids. I had to push them a lot to go out in front of the class and show their presentation, specially Pang. The kids and teachers are quite amazed with the Time’s last name because it’s very long. They said they’d cry if they have that long last name and they have to practice writing it.

IMG_4894 IMG_4889

At the end of the presentation, they write the American kids name in Thai for them. The kids were so excited. The teacher said she will make a copy for everyone to take home and maybe they can practice writing their name in Thai sometimes. Hahaha Cool.

Pooh met his buddy from last year. He has no problem with the shyness.
He was in the same class with Peem, Pear and Lily. Their fist class was Math.

In,Fah,Nemo were in the same class today. In got her new buddy.
This year she was in the different class from Maggie but she talked to a new friend a lot already.
Their first class was science (studying about DNA,gene). They seem lost too hahaha.
What surprise me is Nemo. She made a friend too. She talked and play with American girl.
She said Emma was really nice to her.

After lunch, all students came outside and played. Our kids also came out and play with American friends.
I like to see that.
IMG_4977 IMG_4972 IMG_4964 IMG_4919 IMG_4914 IMG_2371 IMG_2326 IMG_2336

We’re at the school until 2:30 pm. George pick us up and we went to Manitowoc Lutheran High School together to pick up the older kids.
They seem to made a lot of American friends too.

IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2272 IMG_2270

We’re updating our blog at the library now. After this we will have dinner and then go to roller skate.

I still feel really sleepy in the afternoon. I’m not sure it’s just laziness or jet lag. Hahaha

Yesterday, we found a coffee shop that is really nice. It’s big and cozy. There’re a lot of broad-game. I think we’re going to use this place to be another meeting point.

IMG_4824 IMG_4830

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