Today, when I walked to kitchen.Olivia already woke up with her freshy face.She said “I can go to rollerskate today because she’s good”.I ate cereal and Maya picked me at 7.25.When I arrived at school.I was in library room for 3 hours.It was a good hangout for me.I read book, watched videos and listened to music.After that Maya and I walked to the history class but nobody in there because we needed to begin at our first class and we forgot 555+ So, we quickly go to the gym and It was 10 minutes left.So, we just played a little bit and went to Orchestra and for science class we just do worksheets and went to eat lunch and learned other subject in the schedule.I went back home and ate spaghetti for the dinner.At 6.30 pm. , we went to played rollerskate.I didn’t play very well and fall down many times ^^ I talked with my friends.It was very fun.When I came home ,I brushed my teeth and went to bed.^^