This morning I wake up too early. I wake up at 6.25 a.m. But at Thailand it’s very LATE!!!!! because at Thailand my school start at 7.30 a.m. and my school is far from my house it’s about 30 minutes for morning and 1 hours for evening because traffic. At Thailand I wake up around 5.50 a.m.!!! And to day it’s had a lot of worms again! because last night have a rain. In the morning Josie don’t have band. She have band for Monday-Wednesday. In Math Groge and Pat are come to my school and they don’t tell me before they come I so surprise because last year they tell me before they come. They stay at Math subject and lunch. But in lunch we don’t go out side because it’s have a rain. Today have a rain all day! Then we stay in room for lunch. At end of school we went to Walmart because I went to buy some thing for my grandma and my uncle. At night I have Thai class with Josie^^ I teach her for a Thai word. Then cut a heart for stick on the wall.