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After tour the college yesterday, we went to Bay Park mall.
It’s a one story shopping mall. We didn’t have much time but enough for the kids to spend their money.
Nemo didn’t bring her contact info card so she has to walk around with George and I.




We went to the bear shop where you can make your teddy bear.
We met all the girls in there, no surprise. While we’re walking around, choosing our bear, Porsche came in and choose his bear too!



That’s surprise! He was so shy but still want teddy bear hahahah.
He got a Greenbay Packer Bear. He said he bought for a friend but we didn’t believe him. Sadly that he didn’t have time to do the heart ceremony. You know, hold the heart in your hand, make a wish and hug, rub the heart and put it in you teddy bear. Hahaha


Peem was at the hat shop near by.



Most of the boys got a pair of shoes. We spent only 45 minutes there and we went back to the school that we stayed.
After shopping, we went back to the school. In got picked up by her host mom early. We said good bye to her and thank you Dori for driving us around.


At the school we stayed, there’s a pancake dinner for the church fund raising.
We let the kids help out with serving and cleaning and I’m supervising hahaha (I’m born to be supervisor).



They have such a great service, including massage.


Pear was so serious about her cleaning duty. I didn’t see she stopped or taking a break at all.

Peem also ran around cleaning, serving and setting up table.

Junior was so helpful. He talked and get order from people. He tried to use English a lot. He said he wanted to be a pilot and he needs English.

Nemo was so adorable. She was at the sweet station where most people go before they go to their table. So Nemo help bring old people to their table. She did such a great job that the old man tried to tip her.

Pooj, Time, Porsche and Toto also worked really hard. I think they’re really active and being really nice.

The kids were impressed me. They worked so hard and they had so much fun.
I can’t believe my eyes. It’s that moment that George and I standing behide, looking what our kids do the work, and relized we got really good great group of kids.
All of them are so friendly and helpful. They did the whole services,
1. Take customer to a table
2. Talk to the customer and take order
3. Serving drink ; milk, water and coffee
4. Cleaning
5. Set up a table after cleaning

We’re so so so so proud of them. (Today, we got a lot of compliment about how wonderful they were yesterday from the church and people who came. They really make a good reputation for Thailand.)
After helping with the church, we came back to the room and did the thank you card for host family and school.


George fell asleep in the girl room. The girls set him up with this dolls to give him a good night sleep.

Nemo laught so hard. She roll over back and forward on the floor.


After finishing the card, they took a shower and played. Tonight I let them stay late(only older kids) which I had to stay with them, of course.
The younger kids slept around 9 pm. and the older one slept at 11 pm.

This morning I woke up at 7 am. George woke me up because he missed me too much hahaha. I’m kidding. George had to go get paper dishes and forks so he needed me to supervise while he wasn’t around.

All the kids packed up and ready to go by  8 am. and around 10 am. We went to the church. It took about 1 hours and 15 minutes at the church. The church has been really kind to us. The father spoke in the ceremony to welcome us back again this year.




After church, we made the kids set the table and prepare to meet their host family. I heated leftover pizza for them to eat while we waited for the host family to come around 2 pm.

Kay and Pokpong host family arrived first and the rest came almost the same time after that. It turn out to be a lot of people.

Since the weather wasn’t good today (rain and cold). The host family couldn’t stay too long. All of them left around 3-3.30 pm. We talked to all of them, gave them info packet.

Oh almost forgot, we had a talk with all the kids before they left.
I felt like they’re freaking out at the last minute. Seem like they all got too excited and scared.  All I heard was “When are they going to meet each other again”. Some of them tried to arrange everybody to meet at the Rollair this Tuesday! Some of their first word with their host was “Can you take me to…..? so I can meet my friends”
I think that was too much. So we had an urgent meeting, talking for 10 minutes. They’re not allow to manage the meeting by themselves. That’s George and I job!
The most important thing for them right now is get to know their host family and give them a chance to know them. We’re confident that they will be their best friend, not less than their Thai friends.

I hope that talk will stick and push them to try.
I don’t worry about homesickness but now more worry about friend-sickness, specially the older one. But so far there’s no major concern.























IMG_2938 IMG_2939

George and I are at Mr.Lucky in Valders, eating dinner now.
We’re going to drop Lily at her host family house and we’ll stay  at a hotel for 2 nights before moving in to the Apartment on the 1st.

We’re not going to get involve with any kids unless we get a phone call.
Quiet is a good sign of no problem.

Many people asked me; how is it like to take care 20 kids?
So far I don’t feel tired. Really! I think because we screen all the kids before we come. We know they’re good and they can be managed. Most of the work is to set a rules and make sure they follow it. It actually less work for many kind of work. The older mature kids can take care of the younger kids. The kids can take care of each other.

I think it’s similar to the farm family in the past. They used to have 10-15 kids so their kids can help in a farm.

Even-though, I don’t feel tired. I do feel that all my time are gone. I don’t have personal time to chat with friends or facebooking, messing around with Pantip(reddit of Thailand). Because only updating a blog, do this and that take my whole time.

Ok., I have to go now. Lily’s host is waiting! Bye

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