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On this day, I woke up at 6 A.M. .  Porsche woke up after me. I did by job as usual lke brushing my teeth and changing my clothes. We ate  frosted flakes with some milk as our breakfast. Then, Tricia, Porsche, the kids and I went to Megan’s house to pick up Megan as usual. Next, at about 7.30 A.M. , we reached the school. Megan, Porsche and I waited  at the basement. Jensen who was Porsche’s buddy joined with us later on. After that, Megan and I went to the Spanish Class. Ms. Doll gave us more exercises about Spanish. I didn’t do them, because I didn’t understand them at all. Next, we went to the Math Class. Ms. Leick gave us more practices about quadratic equations. I didn’t have any problems in solving thos We had to study math for about 90 minutes, becuase of the play we would be watching caused the 2nd period to be about 90 minutes long. Then, it was the study hall hour in the Art class again. I finished some more math equations with Megan. Next, we went back to the math class and joined in a large group with Ms. Leick in order to watch  a play called “Unplugged”. It was about a company who made the city of North Creek which was the most wired city in the U.S. investigating the effects of technolgy being used in North Creek. This company also made a challenge to the  city not to used their products for 30 days. If they managed to do it, they would receive $30,000,000. At first, the people had difficulty in doing that, but in the end, the managed to adapt to it and received $30,000,000. It was quite an interesting story. Then, Megan and I went back to the math room and picked up our stuff. After that, we went to the Gym Class. We didn’t need to change  our clothes,because today was mostly about measuring weight and height. Jensen told to us that Porsche was missing, because a bearded person talked to him and took him away. I suspected that it was George. After we got out weight and height measured, Porsche came in and played basketball with me. After that, Pat and George came in. They photographed and videoed us while we were playing basketball. After the gym class, they followed Megan and I to the our lockers. They met Mr.Romatowski. He told to them that I was very good at history. I was quite happy  about that. After that, they followed us to the English class and photographed and videoed us  while we were doing the article of the week exercises. They left out after talking to Mr. Larsen. I didn’t have anything to do apart from pointing out a counter-argument in an essay and reading the D-Day book. I also talked to Mr. Larsen about what George and Pat were talking about. He told me that they were talking about general topics. He told to how was the program arranged. I  explained to him about it.

Then, at lunch, Megan and I went down to the cafeteria to have some lunch. Megan and I heated our food in the microwave, while George and Pat came to us and talked to us a little bit. My lunch was the leftover pizzas from yesterday. They were quite delicious. I enjoyed talking to Megan and others about my schools and other things.  Next, Megan and I went upstairs to the English Class again.  Megan and I went to the library in order to get some new books to read. My new book was about WWII again. I read it during the  hour. Mr. Larsen asked if I was quite interested in WWII. I said “Yes”. I also talked more about Thailand and the icebreaker presentation and what time  it could be presented. After that, Megan and I went to Mr.  Romatowski’s class. We studied more about WWI. He led us made a drawing that reminded us about WWI, and  made some interesting facts we learnt from yesterday. It was quite nice. Later on, he led  people to join in pairs in order to exchange the facts. Megan and I paired up and exchanged and made more additional facts. It was quite good. I also explained to the class more about WWI. Mr. Romatowski explained to us more about WWI, but the bell rang first. Later on, we went to the Science class. We got a substitute teacher,because the actual  one was going to somewhere else. Megan and her friend kept working on their element posters, so I kept doing something else like drawing or at times, talking to them. After the hour was finished, Porsche and I went to the exit and waited for Tricia. After 10 minutes, Tricia picked us up. Then, we reached the house and realxed as usual. Our dinner was some spaghetti with meatballs. It was quite delicious. Next, we updated our blogs and played Pool and Cards. Finally, I went to bed.

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