Yesterday I didn’t want to go to school cause at night I was woke up like 3am and 4 am abd I can’t sleep. When I went to school I felt very tired. Then the very amazing thing happen yesterday. Mystery boy drop his pencil (SO WHAT) then I pick it up for him then he say THANKS!! He say thanks to me oh my gosh!! At that moment I couldn’t stop smile. You will think like I’m crazy he just said one word but if you think if you are an Alien and you like human and that human never talk to you. Then if that human say just one word to you then you will very happy. For me I don’t want to make him know I like him I just want to see his smile ( with his girlfriend). That’s so drama omg.!!
Afterschool I went home and wrote blog about Tuesday then we ate Ravioli. Then we went to Manitowoc cafe. There’s so silence it just 3 people there Im Green and I. T. George let me ate wierd stuff some of them I alreadt try some in the first and second trip. Then I order Chocolate freppe and it taste very good. Then we went home and George and P’Mild came to house to took picture and video. Then we played game like yoga game and ut super funny and creepy. We have to hold like 30 sec and some post is hard but some of it is easy. Yesterday I really had fun!!
I wish I can talk to mystery boy.