Today is Saturday . I got up at 10 O’clock . Then we had bowls of cereal as our breakfast . Then I went to bathroom to took a shower . Then I came back to bedroom . I picked my new card decks up and started studied them . I used about one hour to study them . I bought them from the game shop that T.George took us to it yesterday . It’s very fun . After that we leave the apartment at 11.30 A.M. Before we get on the car we went to look for deer around the fence that next to the forest . But we didn’t found them . Then we went to have a lunch at Qnoba , a Mexican reaturant . We met Fah , our Thai friend . She go to buy ice-cream there . After we had lunch , we went to ice-cream shop that Fah went to buy an ice-cream . It’s next to Qnoba . Next we went to Walmart . We went there to buy things that we will use tomorrow in party before baseball game . When we buy everything completely , P’Pat and T.George let us free to buy our things that we want . They will go back to apartment for put all things in apartment then they will come back and picked us . I’m shopping almost an hour . I had to buy Hot wheel for my friend . Then I found the seat for wait P’Pat and T.George . I had to borrow P’Pat’s money to pay my goods cause I didn’t bring enough money . Then we took off from Walmart to Manitowoc Public Library but it’s close . So , we went to coffee shop that we used to come . We used Internet in the shop to upload our blogs .