I wake up very fast. I wake up around 6.15 am. And we walk to school.Today we have a Olympics practices for Social studies. Today I have long jump but I in third place from fifth. We have three round to jump and my best is 7.9 feet. In science we learn about weather symbol it’s a new thing for me but it’s interesting and I like it!! At afternoon we have music and P.E.. In music we have to sing ‘take time’ song but I can’t because they already sing and can remember that. In P.E. we have to play soccer same last week it’s tired for me!!! Then we go out side to play ground and take a photo of a whole class. Next we back home. And start to paint nail but I not good in this. Then the nails dry we walk down to hobby lobby to buy thing for painting tomorrow after we come back from temple. And we got the same new case iPhone it’s very cheep about 2 dollars.and the special thing is at Thailand now is my mom birthday Happy Birthday mama!!