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Holaaa!! TGIF…Today, I arrived at school about 7:45 am. Today is Friday, I’m very happy because there are school musical Friday night. I’m so excited about the musical. Today’s first class was gym, we played kickball. I was very disappointed because I was out for three times, and guess what..we played only three games. That’s mean I was out every games!! My second class was Spanish. In this class, we had a quiz again. Quiz on mas, menos(?) about how to compare things. The next class was Algebra, today our Algebra teacher didn’t come to school, so another teacher came and gave worksheets to the kids.the forth class was Social studies, we went to the computer room, and continue our presentation. Then we went to the library, I had to do the poster for this big Social Studies project. This class was one hour and a half long (very long-.,-). After that we ate our lunch, I had pizza, milk, and salad for lunch, and before we went to the reading class, the kids got 1 pack of cards (each pack contains six cards). If you sell all the cards you will get 20 US dollars, but I don’t have to do this. Then we went to reading class. Syd took her test on the computer about everything in the book that she just finished reading. There are 10 questions, and she answer it all correct. The next class was quest, today had two opener, one on the beginning of the class, and another one before finish the class. First opener was playing the game called ” 7 up (or head down thumb up)”. We played that two rounds, and I got touch for two times, but I couldn’t guess the right person who touch me.when we finished this game, the science teacher came to our class, and taught us about the respiratory system, about how we breathe. Before the class end we played another game called ” hot potato”, we had to throw the ball to another person before one of our friend said STOP. I was one of the winner, so I got candies ^^. Next class was quire (I don’t think I spell it right..).we watched a video about a show that have group of people doing something that make sound like a rhythm. Thos video os pretty cool, I liked it. The last class was language, the students had a to take a quiz. After that we watched a video. After the school os over, we went home, stayed at home for 2-3 hours, then we had to go back to school again cuz the school musical is today Yayy!! I love musical, I’ve watched musical before, it was ” See Phaan Din the Musical” that was a great show. Bryce is one of the main character in this musical, he is Will Parker. Hilbert High School Musical use a story called ” Okalahoma”. The musical started at 7:00 pm. We were at school at
6:30 pm, but dad forgot his wallet, so he had to drive back home and get his wallet. From school to our house is near, so it didn’t take a long time to drive back again. The musical is pretty long, so there were a break. It end at 9:30 pm, so we arrived at home nearly 10:00 pm and I had to shower. I think today I had to go yo bed late! >< I liked the musical! This is my first time of watching musical in English language.COOL!!

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