Sorry for updating post so late. We didn’t have wifi so I will tell the story of 2 days ago.

On Thursday, we had a plan to go to the same school together accept for Im and Jedi because this is a high school ,Im and Jedi just 10 years old. Actually, We had to depart at 7o’clock to arrive to school at 7.45 ,but we woke up late ,so we arrived to school at 8o’clock. When we got to school , we saw all buddy were waiting for us to coming. And the surprise was my buddy was my old friend from the old school when I first came to America. Her name is “Archly”. At first, I didn’t know that she could remember me but when we started to talk I asked her that did her remember me and she said absolutely yes. Then, we had to study religion math english art p.e. and biology. All the day at school she took care of me and be very nice. A lots of her friends always asked that Oui and I are couple ,but the answer was no hahaha we are just best friend. At the end of the last class, we took a picture together and got each other snapchat. After that , we ate dinner at the restaurant that Teacher George had never eat before. The result was… It was very yummy!!!!! I ordered brat which is a kind of hotdog but it was better. Moreover, teacher George ordered bbq pork rip for us and it was very soft and melt in my mouth. I thought it’s the best meal that I eat here. After that we went to play bolding. Although my ankle is broken ,I could do 2 times of strike. Then, my host family came to see me at the bolding and we chat a lot. They were very nice and cute. They gonna pick me up on Saturday.

On Friday, We did’t have any plan. We just stay at school packing the stuff, clean all the room and make sure that we didn’t leave anything at school. At noon, we ate pancake and scramble egg with apple in it. imageAfterwards, we had to do the cards for host family and the principle.I determined to make the card look very pretty. Then, we had a dinner at school. T.George bought fried chickens and potatoes for us from Piggly Wiggly. While we were eating , Green said to Amy that if Amy could eat all in her dish , she would give her 10 dollars ,so Amy eat until her dish have nothing in it. Actually ,I though that Green just kidding ,but she seriously do it. So Amy said that she was lucky because she feel full and got the money. Nothing to lose.