To day I woke up at 6:40 to day Toto wake up early than me then I take a shower after I take a shower we eat a breakfast today breakfast is hamburger next we go to school today my first class is history then I have a english next is a free class we go to room and do a homework all class ( but I don’t do home work because I don’t have homework ) then we have a gym class we go to listen some thing ( I don’t no who is he and I don’t no what he tell ) then we go to gym and play a hockey after finish gym class I go to math class then we eat a lunch to day lunch is sanwich hotdog and it have emergency call then people walk outside and stay in parking 25 min it is a flake then we come back to study science we study about 15 min it have emergency call again then we go outside again and stay outside 5 min and come back to study science next we have spain after we finish school we come back home then we have a dinner today a dinner is chicken masman with rice .