Today was the second day at school.But today I didn’t take a school bus because yesterday I very tired to woke up early.So today I woke up at 6:45 and left our home around 7:40.We were at school around 7:45 same time with the bus.Yesterday the principal told me to come to see her but today I didn’t go.Same to yesterday the first class was Math then English and Science.In the Math class I didn’t have any thing to do so I picked my note book up and started practice my new style writing.When someone saw that I wrote,they were excited and came to look all the time in every classes.In the English class,it had a policeman came to teach us and he told us to act according to a topic that he gave to us.My group we got a topic “WIN WIN” and our act just was 3 people sat on 2 pillows! Then in the Science class I was writing something in my book when teacher came and saw my writing,she stopped! and looked at my writing very excited! and I didn’t know why teacher gave a sour gum to me and if I had it so Clara needed to have it too,it very sour and everyone were laughing at me.At lunch time we had pizza for a lunch and went to a gym to played a basketball (but I didn’t play it).It took about 30 minutes then we went to study Band WIN Time and Tech Ed.The WIN Time was the class that Clara and Jessica needed to make a small golf course.School over at 3:05 then we took the bus back to home and prepare for supper.Tonight we will go roller skating and meet my friend but I’m not sure that pear will go there.