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On this day, I woke up at about 6  A.M. . I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes as usual.  Porsche woke up after me a little bit. I discovered that Tricia’s parents would stay in the house for a few days. I met them  in the morning. I decided to talk to them a little bit.  Tricia’s parents cooked the breakfast for everyone. The breakfast was bacon strips, cinnamon rolls and fruits. They were quite delicious. Then, we relaxed and do  other things as usual. I also packed some clothes thinking that we would stay in Chicago for a night. At about, 11 A.M., Tricia, Dave, Porsche and I went to the train station at Milwaukee. Tricia’s parent would take care of the kids. When we reached the station, Dave and Tricia took care of the tickets. Then, we boarded on the train. The train was pretty much comfortable. It took us about 1 hour and 3o minutes to reach the Union Station in Chicago. When we reached the station, I was pretty much surprised by the conditon of the station. I saw some abandoned and damaged wall sections and a rusting column. The toliet was also dirty, and the urinials were missing. Next, we exited the station at about 12.50 P.M. I found out that Chicago was a windy place. We went to Potbelly Sandwich in order to have some sandwiches. I had a roast beef sandwich with mustard as my lunch. It was very delicious.  After that, we  started walking in Chicago.   It was quite windy in Chicago. Tricia told to me that Chicago got the nickname of the “Windy City” I could understand why would the people would Chicago such a nickname. I was lucky that I brought my jacket with me, or else I would  feel very cold. Porsche only wore a sweater, a T-shrit and a pair of shorts. I couldn’t understand why would wear  only these things when it’s cold and windy out  there. We also saw some homeless people in the streets. Then, we went to Garrett Popcorn in order to buy some popcorn. We got some cheese and caramel popcorn from the shop. After that, we walked to the park where took some pictures of the Abraham  Lincoln statue. We also met some Thai tourists there. Later on, we began walking to the Adler Planetarium. It was a very long walk , and we got tired. We also took some photos while we were  walking. When  we  reached   the Planetarium, we began waiting in a line to get the tickets. After we got the tickets, we went to the exhibitions showing the planets and space technology.  At about 2.45 P.M., we went to the Definiti theater . We watched a program about discovering other planets  outside the Solar System. It was quite interesting. Then, we looked at other exhibits again.

After that, we went  to the food court and waited for Tricia’s sister to pick us up. At about 3 P.M., her sister arrived at the museum and picked us up. Tricia’s sister and her husband talked to Porsche and I about Thailand. We had some fun in talking about these subjects. Later on, we drove to Eataly which was a place where you can buy some ingredients to make Italian food  or eat some Italian food, because there were restaurants in this place. In Eataly, we met Tricia’s niece. She met us on the ground floor.  We also talked to her a little bit. Then, the adults began buying some coffee from the coffee shop. They were pretty much happy in getting some Italian coffee. Then, the Tricia, her sister and her niece began shopping around upstairs. Dave, Tricia’s sister’s husband , Porsche and I also went upstairs too. I was quite bored at that time. At about 6 P.M., we went to a restaurant on that floor. I had some cheese and salami as starters. For the main course, I had Pasta Al Nero which a type of seafood pasta with noodles painted with the squid’s ink. It was quite delicious. After that, everyone went downstairs. Tricia, her sister, her niece, Porsche and I went to a Gelato store. In that store, I ate a cup of   raspberry gelato. It was also delicious too. Then, we went outside to the streets. Next, we went to  a shopping mall. Tricia, her sister and her niece began shopping again. I was quite bored as I could only look at them, while they were buying different types of stuff. In that shopping mall, we also saw a shop named “Porsche’s Design”. Everyone joked that it was Porsche’s store.  I also disovered that we didn’t need to stay in Chicago   as Tricia told to me that we would return to our house.Then, we  went to Tricia’s sister’s car. After that she  and her husband drove us to the Union station. They dropped us there along with the niece. We waited for the train which would take us to Milwaukee, while the niece also a had her own train to catch. During the wait, Porsche and I talked to Dave and Tricia about my classmates a little bit. Then, at about 8.05 P.M., we boarded the train. Next, we reached Milwaukee at about 10.00 P.M. . We went to the car and drove to our house. We reached our house at about 11   P.M. . I felt too sleepy to update my blog, so I went to sleep after brushing my teeth and changing my clothes.

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