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On this day, I woke up at about 6 A.M. . I brushed my teeth and went to the living room. Porsche woke up after me  for some minutes. When, I was in the living room, I began updating my blog about yesterday. Later on, I worked on a little bit on my homework. After that, I had my breakfast which was cereal with some fruits. Tricia’s parent would still be with us for the time being. After that, Porsche and I relaxed as usual. I also went outside to the back of the house in order to sit, relax and talk to Tricia’s father. We talked about Thailand and Tricia. I thought that Tricia was a “Rebel”  when it was about  the favorite football teams, because she like the Chicago Bears, while the others liked the Greenbay Packers. Her father told to me that she was also a rebel in other things too. This thing actually made me laugh a little bit. I also enjoyed the conversation. Porsche and I also played with the kids along with Tricia and her mother. I had some fun in playing with the kids too. After that, I got back to the house and do something else. During that time, Marco was crying . He cried so loud that I became very annoyed by it, while Dave tried to stop him from crying any further.

Later on, I relaxed further and ate my lunch. My lunch was masaman curry again. It was delicious as usual. After that, I relaxed and talked to Tricia’s father again. Porsche was also playing with Marco while I was around. After that, at about 6 P.M., we went to Tricia’s neighbor’s house on foot. The house wasn’t far from our house.We went to that house in order to have a cook-out which I presumed to be a kind of a large dinner where different neighbors had a meal and did some recreational activities which each other. When we reached the house, we met Michael and Rihanna whom were the owners of the house. They greeted us nicely. Then, we went into the house. We met other neighbors like Ryan whose wife said that she had known Megan before. We also met some kids like Mason who said that he was a friend of Time in their school. Porsche and I went downstairs with the kids to play basketball. It was quite fun until I stubbed my left foot, but I kept playing. Later on, we played video games that was about soccer. Next, we went upstairs to have our dinner. I had a sausage, a cheeseburger, deer meat and potato salad. They were very delicious. After that, I talked to the adult neighbors more about me. I had a lot of fun in doing that. Then, I went downstairs to play that  soccer game again with Porsche and the kids. Then, we played basketball along with Michael.  We had some fun, until I stubbed my left foot. This time Porsche collided with me on our feet. This made me felt painful, and I had to stop playing basketball. After that, I went upstairs and was given an ice pad by Ryan’s wife. Then, I went to the room where  the men including Dave, Ryan and others talked. I was a little bit happy to hear them talking. Later on, at about 10 P.M., we returned to our house. I also decided that I would blog tomorrow, because I didn’t have enough time. Finally, I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

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