Yeah, today was my birthday. I wokeup at 6:40. Get dress and ate breakfast. Today Emma and I ate frintose for breakfast, I like them. After breakfast, dad Kevintook Emma and I to school. (Dillon still stay at home because he is homesick) Emma and I were late for school today, the bell rang juse about 5 minutes after I went in my classroom. After I seat in my seat, my friends in 6 greade sang Happy Birthday to me 🙂  We have Firth class, we have to ansaw the queation in the Firth books. Then we have Math and Science. In Science class, my friends in 6 greade have a test, but I didn’t do the test with them. Then I met my friends in 7 greade, Llida and Mady. They gave a candy and chocolate to me for my birthday!!!!! 11:40 a.m.  it was lunch time. I seat with my girl friends, Madison, Cassandra and Cyan. Today we have cookies and something I not sure how to call, it a little bit spicy and I don’t relly like it. Then we went to study. We learn English, reading and art. I like art the best. Then dad Kevin took Emma and I back home. we play outside and have my birthday party. Then I write my blog and went to bed. Bye bye..