I wake up first at 8 o’clock then take a shower and wash my hair. Today Teresa made a blueberry muffin it’s smell very good and so delicious too I like it. And in 8.45 Josie and Hellen wake up. Then Cloey,Olivia and Destiny wake up around 9.25. At 10.30 we finish to eat breakfast and take a shower and we go to play tambourine. After lunch we went to Menchies because it’s have special promotion is 1 dollar for 1 cup!!! And finish we go outside to sit at yard in front of Menchies and we see Gorge and Pat come. Then we come back home we walk to railway and take a lot of cool picture and video. And now everybody are come back to there home. Next we went to Josie’s grand parents. Josie’s grandma have same birthday with me is a 12/04/15 today we have a little party for her because tomorrow we went to baseball. We ate at same restaurant and we play game but thai game doesn’t work and they eat our money for 1 dollar. Today is my birthday at Thailand and tomorrow is my birthday at here!!!!!!!!