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Today is Friday . I got up at 6.25 A.M. Today we had cereal as a breakfast . Then we went to school . I read my novel while I was waiting in preschool floor . Then I went upstairs to my classroom at 7.40 A.M. I did my current event homework before class start . I got my math test back . I got A+ one last math test . Then I gave it back to Mr. Roeker . I’m very happy that I got A+ . Then we started the first class . It was Christ Light class . Then we had Math class . I did an math assignment in this class . Then was break time . I brought Pocky to eat with my friends . They liked it . Then I went outside to play football with my friends . Then we came back to our room . Mr. Roeker read a book for us to listen in first 30 minutes . Then we went outside for special break . Because we didn’t have to study literature and English class today . We played kick ball together outside . We stayed outside for 40 minutes . Then we came back to the classroom . We checked the current event homework in the left time before lunch . Then we had lunch . My lunch was ham sandwich , milk , banana , and brownie . Then we went outside in break time . I still played football with my friends . After that we had singing class . We went to study in a church . We studied with fifth and sixth graders . Then we had science class . Today we studied about heat . It had homework too . I almost finish it . Then we got all homework sheet in this week back to parents to sign it . Then we went home . We stayed in home till 6.10 P.M. Then we went to school for musical tonight . We changed our cloths then the show started . All of us did great job tonight . It was very great shows . I’m very happy that I joined these shows too . It was very amazing . Then I took a photo a little bit with my friends . After that I went to get my stuff in the classroom . Then we went home . Then I stayed in a living room for about an hour . Then I upload my blog .

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