Today I woke up lately from everyday.I woke up at about 8.00 am.😶.I ate cereal for my breakfast and I had sandwich ,string cheese and yogurt for my lunch. After lunch, I watched movies and had popcorn with mom and Olivia.First was 50 firstdates.It was romantic and fun and second movie was Just go with it and third one was Sweet Home Alabama.Mom showed me the picture when Olivia was young and exchange student that ever came here before.I was a little homesick.I stayed here for about 2 weeks now.I missed my family.Today Olivia was quiet because she felt sick.At dinner,we had chop suay with rice (คล้ายๆหมูตุ๋นค่ะ).After that I watched TV with mom and went to bed 10.00 pm.