Today I woke up at 6:35 AM. I was hurt my eyes and tired. My eyes are red I think because I read a book before I slept last night. At school I played soccer and I touch a ball like first time!! Even though I pass a ball to wrong side but I felt happy. Then Garlic I just call him Garlic cause his name us Araric but I heard his name like Garlic. He is very creepy cause he saw me pass a ball to the wrong side and I think he mad at me . I can felt like his breast on my shoulder and he just do like that for 2-3 times and he wasn’t care anything he also have a big head. Then at ESL class I told Mrs. Ungemach that I want to switch some class to art class. Then she switch Spanish to Art class. I really enjoy learning Spanish cause this class is very funny they talk in Spanish and it like RRrrrrrabjajznKRrr and they sound funny. They also have to get Spanish name to like Ricado, Popo like that funny. The important thing is mystery boy is in the Spanish class but I choose art !!! I didn’t choose boy !!
So I went to art class and they have Feildtrip today. We went to art museum and I have been hear before. This art museum is like a haunted house and I always feel strange I don’t know why . Then we went back to school. After school I back home I read 2 page of book and felt tired. Then Mum bought new Refrigerator , Oven etc like that and I saw a little mouse in thr house it not disgusting for me cause I have seen most disgusting mouse in Thailand.I grab my wood comb and I ready to kill it by my comb but like it is tiny littke mouse it is my first time that I think mouse is cute !!! I don’t understand myself. So today is a great day like everyday